Former frazzled and exhausted wife and mother who has turned losing my health through exhaustion, adrenal fatigue and then cancer into the most amazing life altering journey. Now an AFPA Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, I have healed my life and my body through giving my mind and body the grace it deserves and fueling my nutritional needs through a Ketogenic lifestyle. I am excited to show you how to do the same!
My passion is bringing you nutritional help and healing through a Ketogenic lifestyle!
You will find my meal delivery service, podcast, Youtube channel and my suggested additions to make your life as easy as possible all here for you!
** I am now offering classes focusing on Ketogenic dieting and lifestyle**

Keto Accountability Group-
This is a 2 week jump start course in how to properly execute a Ketogenic diet with support through a Facebook group setting. 
I provide daily interaction and food logging support and feedback for each student. 
I will also post a sample Ketogenic meal plan, Sample recipes and instruction. 
This is meant to get you started in the right direction with Keto.

Keto Lifestyle Class-
An 8 week intensive course meant for those looking to dive deeper and learn more about how Keto affects your body, mind and inner metabolic workings of your body. We have 8 main lessons with several mini and break out lessons. This is a self paced, video based course that is meant to help break the diet mentality, help you keep Ketogenic for the long term lifestyle application and help you win the mental game of working on YOU through proper diet and mental awareness. 

Class size is limited in each class. 
Classes are currently in session at this time.
**You can sign up for both simultaneously if desired**
Reach out to me at


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